Till the world ends.

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Till the world ends | By Maxence.

Aaron and Blake were on holiday in the West Indies, they were on the beach, it was very good weather, the two lovers, playedvolleyball. The old woman they had met Mary, John and Peter, who were three Americans, but they spoke very good French. It was two o'clock in the afternoon, Aaron andBlake had lunch with new friends, Aaron and Blake had fun, all at once, the volcano entered eruption, Blake Aaron asked what she could do He replied that he did not know,and that the bags were left at the hotel. Blake cried Aaron, they could not go get their new friends, as was too risky. Aaron suggested taking the boat to leave, AaronBlake ordered to push the boat, and he'll go take the clothes to the hotel. Then the two lovers, left the island, they sailed, throughout the afternoon, they were atsea, they had a temperature of winter they were covered with jackets and coverage, Aaron, had over the telephone network. Night fell, the two lovers fell asleep in themiddle of ocean, when suddenly a steamer, stopped right next to them, Aaron awoke, but Blake was dead, she died of cold, Aaron decided to bring Blake's body. Blake'sdeath, was one of the darkest moment in the life of Aaron. According to the researchers, who found the eruptions of the volcano, was a warning before the end of theworld, Aaron and Blake had escaped, but it was fatal for Blake. Aaron, decided to create his foundation called "Till the world ends" it will help the person who suffernatural disasters, today Aaron was sent to Japan, with its volunteers, and it has saved some lives. Aaron's life will forever be etched by this incredible disaster.