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- How about going to the cinema ?
- Never mind (when it’s not important
- To mind = to look after
- Search me ? = Beat me ? = je n’ai pas laréponse
- Keep me posted = keep me in formed of what’s happening
- Kidding = joking
- A kid = a baby goat (bébé chèvre)
- To threat somebody with kidgloves
- Pretty = attractive = good looking = cute
- On behalf of = de la part de
- If I can draw your attention to = If I can interesting you =attirer l’attention
- At the end of the day = the bottom line = all in all = en conclusion
- Please pay attention to = listen carefully
- She isoff next Tuesday
- It took hours to get a cab (taxi)
- I was granted access to (allowed, permitted)
- Grant = bursary (money you get to study)
-Have you got a spare pen ? avez-vous un autre stylo ? (stylo de rechange)
- Spare parts = pièces détachées
- Can you spare a dime ? pouvez-vous medonner de l’argent ?
- They’re stocking the shelves now = they’re filling the shelves (ils remplissent les étagères)
- Stock-taking = inventaire
-It’s located on the laundry (where you pot dirty clothes) detergent aisle (couloirs)
- The ground agent refused to upgrade us to first = lecontrôleur (a terre) a refuse de nous donner un billet 1ère classe.
- I just heard my name being paged (annoncé), could you tell me where is the nearestcourtesy (courtoisie normallement, ici =gratuit)
- Call me if you are interested because we are really short staffed (=we need employees) right now