White guy's guide to becoming an activist

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White Guy's Guide to Becoming an Activist

Maybe you've recently become alarmed at the direction our country is taking,Or maybe you don't like being told to 'push 1 for English'. If you're shy, uncomfortable with public speaking, or new at activism, you may feel like you are all alone. But it only takes one individual to educate hundreds of people and affect their often-unwittinglyself-destructive attitudes and lifestyles. Perhaps you feel outnumbered or overwhelmed in your area, but there is at least one activist standing up for you ... You! Anyone can be an activist. It doesn't take special skills or superhuman abilities. You just need to care enough about your people to want to help them. Grassroots work is essential to the success of working to preserve our culture. What Can ThisManual Do for You? We are constantly flooded with telephone calls, letters, and e-mail messages from people all over the world who want to help but don’t know where to start. This guide provides step-by-step instructions to help you channel your concern into making a real difference. ******** Practice What You (Are Going to) Preach The best way to show pride in your history, culture and heritage isto set a good example. taking good care of yourself is an excellent place to start. Always start with the basicsin this case: diet, fitness and lifestyle... You should eliminate soda,fast food and prepackaged, processed food, get your 7-8 hours of sleep every day,have a regular exercise or workout program and of course- no smoking. Speak proper English, and don't use profanity when you speak. Youdon't need to spend a lot of money on clothes,to look good, but always make sure you're clean and presentable when you go out. You should aspire to be mature, disciplined, physically and mentally tough, trained, and proficient at your tasks. But that's easy- it's already in your DNA. Be polite and mannerly - it's the way of our people. Think about the money you spend and make sure you aren'tspending money with people that don't support our way of life. Ours is not a culture of thuggish, mindless violence and ignorance. Your people have a long and glorious history, and to list all our accomplishments and inventions would take an entire library. it goes far beyond "we invented peanut butter"...

We are builders and creators, dreamers and achievers...we are architects, authors of theWestern world's classic literature and civilizations. Your white ancestors invented the telescope and the microscope, they created vaccines and antibiotics that saved millions of lives around the world, your ancestors discovered electricity and invented light bulbs, we invented planes, rockets and space travel-computers, cars and engines were our creation too. There are 40,000 years of wondrous humanevolution and culture pushing you forward! Honor your ancestors! Don't spend your entertainment dollars with companies that promotes values that go against ours!! -Be very conscious about what movies and music you buy or rent. !! Cancel your cable, go through your movie and music collections and "clean them up." Do you support sports teams that don't reflect your outlook on life and the world??same goes for TV cable companies, multi-national food conglomerates. Try to hold yourself to a higher standard. Be a leader. Step up and do your part. We should also try to lead lives that aren't slaves to consumerism and mass marketed, cheap products! We should also avoid debt for consumer goods- that means- DON'T CHARGE STUFF ON CREDIT CARDS OR CREDIT ACCOUNTS. There's nothing wrong with usinglay-a-way if it's available, or buying used. Don't let ego or false pride drive your decisions. We should also live in a way that reflects respect for nature and the animals that provide nourishment. Support local food producers and farmer's markets.

Dressing the Part When you're presenting information, remember that your appearance and actions must reflect your commitment. Dress neatly....