J. k. rowling

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J. K. Rowling

Joanne Rowling (Joanne, Jo) was born 31 July 1963, in Chipping Sodbury, near Bristol. When she was four, they moved to Winterbourne with Joanne’s little sister, Dianne. She liked her sister, but they often fought, when they were children. So there is a scar above Di’s eyebrow since Joanne threw her by a battery. Jo started the school in this town and her elder headmaster inspiredher in the future, when she created Albus Dumbledore’s character in the Harry Potter fiction. The Rowling family’s neighbor in Winterbourne was the Potter family. Many people thinks, that Harry’s personality is figured after the family’s son, with whom Jo sometimes played. It’s not true, in fact, Rowling doesn’t remember too many things about the boy, she just liked his surname (she wasn’t veryfond of her own, because they usually called her „Rowling stone”, or „rolling pin”). At the age of six, she wrote her first book, about a rabbit, called Rabbit, and since then she has written fictions. She was nine, when they moved to the welsh Tutschill and nearly at the same time, her favourite grandparent, Kathleen died. Joanne took her name later, when she needed an extra initial. She spent herhigh school years in Wyedean, and here she hooked up with her first boyfriend, Sean, who had a blue Ford car, and it was inspired her int he story of the second Harry Potter book. The worst thing, what happened to her as a teenager, was her mother becoming incurably ill. She knew about it since she was 15. She finished the secondary school in 1983, and began to study French at Exter University,on the south side of England. She didn’t like to study French, and still sais, that the only good thing in the university was the one year, what she spent in Paris as the part of the course. After the graduation, she worked in London, at Amnesty International. This organisation fights for the human rights all over the world. But in 1990, Joanne and her then boyfriend decided to move up toManchester. After a weekend flat-hunting action, she travelled back to London on a train. On this vehicle, she started to think about a brown-haired, scarred boy, who doesn’t know, that he’s a wizard. Jo named him Harry Potter. The train was late, so the details of the story came into Jo’s brain over four hours. She didn’t have a pen, and she was too shy to borrow one. At home, she started to write thefirst Harry Potter book, the Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone, but those first few pages weren’t like the finally published ones. On 30 December 1990, a happening changed both Joanne’s and Harry’s world forever: her mother died. Harry’ s feelings to his dead parents became deeper and much more real because of this sad event. Jo felt bad about her mother didn’t ever know about Harry Potter. 9months later, she moved to Porto, Portugal, and started to teach English as a foreign language. She took the still-growing script of Harry Potter with her, and hoped, that she can continue it. Joanne wrote her favourite chapter of the book in Portugal: The Mirror of Erised.
A big turn came into her personal life: she met and married a Portuguese man (in 1992) and she had her first child, Jessica,who was named after Rowling’s favourite author, Jessica Mitford, who she loves since her teenage years. Joanne and her husband broke up, and she travelled back to Great Britain with her daughter. They arrieved just in time to Edinburgh, where Jo’s sister, Di was living and celebrated the Christmas of 1994 together.
Rowling wanted to finish the book, and try to publish it. But she was alone withher small daughter and worked full-time as a teacher, so she didn’t have too much time to do these things. She wrote nearly every evening in a cafe, and then she had to type the full text. When it was done, and Jo had a finished book, she sent the first three chapters to an agent, but he posted it back to her very fast. Christopher, the second agent, who read the first chapters, wrote back to...