Étude sur patagonia

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Question 1
Patagonia’s customers are so loyal because the ecology is not just a fashion for them, it’s a value. They have understood that, for Patagonia, the ecology is not just a trendy strategy.
Moreover, they are so loyal because the efforts made by the company to explain and prove in what way they are committed to the environment are very important.

Question 2
Patagonia used to a no-conventional catalog. These catalog, like others catalogs, present Patagonia’s products. But moreover, this catalog explains to the customers the good effect of organically-grown cotton for instance. Finally, their is beautiful photography in this catalog. It looks like to a magazine.

Question 3
Patagonia’s environmental education policy shows the benefits of buying “green”. Moreover, it is to make profits. It’s a company!

Question 4
Patagonia shows composites of its products on its website. Moreover, labels guarantee the quality of Patagonia’s products.

Question 5
Patagonia’s grants project is a success. There is more and more people who join it. We can explain this reaction because the ecology is a very important fashion for consumers. Buy ecologic products is very trendy actually!

EX 1
E – C – B – F – D – A

EX 2
1 imperfect ≠ high-quality
2 uninformed ≠ knowledgeable
3 innovation ≠ conventional
4 uncalculated ≠ assume
5 separate ≠ linked
6 taken ≠ grants
7 locally ≠ nation wide
8 failures ≠ successes

EX 3
Address – issues
Doubt – claims
Publish – results
Conduct – business
Raise – awareness

EX 4
The speaker will talk about the difficulties we are likely to encounter.
The company runs its affairs in an ethical and honest manner.
The government will make public conclusions of the environmental study next month.
We are running a campaign designed to increase public knowledge of the current crisis.
Many consumers don’t believe statements made by companies about their products.

EX 5

EX 6

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