1984 George orwell : summary of the story

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The author’s life.

GEORGE ORWELL WAS THE PEN NAME of the English author, Eric Arthur Blair. Orwell was educated in England at Eton College. After service with the Indian Imperial Police in Burma from 1922 to 1927, he returned to Europe to become a writer. He lived for several years in poverty. His earliest experiences resulted in the book, Down and Outin Paris and London. By 1936, Orwell had joined the Republican forces in the Spanish Civil War. Orwell was critical of Communism but basically considered himself a Socialist. He was wounded in the fighting. Late in the war, Orwell fought the Communists and eventually had to flee Spain for his life. Orwell documented many of his experiences during the Spanish Civil War in his Homage to Catalonia.Orwell's various experiences with totalitarian political regimes had a direct impact on his prose. Orwell's best-known books reflect his opposition to totalitarianism: Animal Farm and Nineteen Eighty-Four.

Summary of the story

Winston works in the Ministry of True, the Minitrue. There are three other ministry’s. Everywhere are posters with a face, and everywhere is written “BIG BROTHER ISWATCHING YOU”. There is no freedom in this society. There is only one party, The Party (his slogans are: War is peace, Freedom is slavery and Ignorance is strength). You can’t think anything. There is a Thoughtpolice, who vaporizes you, when you are against the Party. You can not say what you really think there. Winston writes in his diary (that is forbidden). Winston is asked to repair the sink ofthe neighboors. The children are very annoying and hit him with a catapult. He comes back in his own department and he realises that on sometime he will be discovered by the Thoughtpolice. He decides to write his diary for the future. Winston stands up in the morning for the morning-exercises. The gym-instructor is on the telescreen. He thinks about his mother, she was vaporized. He had a sister,but she was already dead. He can’t remember his father so good. Oceania (the country where Winston lives) is in war with Eastasia and has peace with Euresia. Always in war with one and in peace with the other. Winston works on the Records Department, a part of the Ministry of True. He has to change documents, so that they are true in comparising with the things that happened. For example: BigBrother makes a promise in a speech, and he doesn’t hold that promise, Winston has to change the speech, so the promise that Big Brother makes is correct. Than Big Brother does hold his promise. Winston is having lunch, he sits at the table with a “friend”, Syme. Syme designs the new language, Newspeak. They talk and talk and talk. Winston looks around in the canteen and he thinks of people, he thinkswhether they will be or will be not vaporized. Your face expression must also be good or you will be punished. Winston writes in his diary about the time he had sex with a prostitute. He finds it very difficult to write it down. He thinks about his wife, they are divorcing (if she isn’t vaporized).Winston is writing about the old days in his diary. He wants to rebel against the Party. The prolesshould rebel, he thinks. He thinks about wfy the Party falsifies the documents. One time in his life he had evidence of falsification in his hand, but he threw it away. Winston is thinking about the past. He goes to a poor neighboorhood and asks an old man about the past. But that man is a drinker and he tells Winston nonsens. Then he goes to the shop, where he bought his diary. He asks the owner(he is about 60 years old) about the old years and he tells him some things. Winston also buys a paperweight of glass with a coral in it. He sees a girl from the Fiction Department (it’s the second time now).One morning, Winston walks through a corridor and he sees the girl that followed him a few times. She falls, he helps her up and she gives him, without the telescreens noting, a piece of...
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