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1. Consonants (자음) | -- Click on the chart and listen to how they sound. |

Consonant chart |
Plain | Aspirated | tensed |
ㄱ [k] | ㅋ [k'] | ㄲ [kk] |
ㄴ [n] |   |   |
ㄷ [t] | ㅌ[t']| ㄸ [tt] |
ㄹ[ r  /  l ] |   |   |
ㅁ [m] |   |   |
ㅂ [p] | ㅍ[p'] | ㅃ [pp] |
ㅅ [s] |   | ㅆ [ss] |
ㅇ [zero / ng ] |   |   |
ㅈ [ch] | ㅊ [ch'] | ㅉ[cc] |
ㅎ[h] |   |   |
dictionary order:ㄱ (ㄲ), ㄴ, ㄷ (ㄸ), ㄹ, ㅁ, ㅂ (ㅃ), ㅅ (ㅆ), ㅇ, ㅈ (ㅉ), ㅊ, ㅋ, ㅌ, ㅍ, ㅎ
Aspirated ones are with more puff of air than the plain ones. As for tensed ones, you add more stricture, but without puff of air, whenletting out the sound. Tensed ones are difficult for beginners, and many students take long time to acquire the correct pronunciation.
ㄱ  is similar to g as in god.
ㄲ is similar to k as in sky.ㅋ is similar to k as in kill.
ㄷ is similar to d as in do.
ㄸ  is similar to t as in stop.
ㅌ is similar to t as in two.
ㄹ is similar to tt as in butter (not [t] but a flap like a Spanish [r]), ina syllable initial position.
ㄹ  is similar to l as in filling, in a syllable final (받침) position.
ㅂ  is similar to b as in bad.
ㅃ is similar to p as in spy.
ㅍ is similar to p as in pool.ㅅ is similar to s as in astronaut.
ㅆ is similar to s as in suit.
ㅈ is similar to j as in  jail.
ㅉ  is similar to tz as in pretzel.
ㅊ  is similar to ch as in charge.
ㅎ is similar to h as in hat.2. Vowels (모음) | -- Click on the chart and listen to how they sound. |

Vowel Chart |
Simple | Palatalized | labiovelarized |   |
ㅏ [a] | ㅑ [ya] |   |   |
ㅐ [ae] | ㅒ [yae] |   |   |ㅓ [o^] | ㅕ [yo^] |   |   |
ㅔ [e] | ㅖ [ye] |   |   |
ㅗ [o] | ㅛ [yo] | ㅘ [wa]  
ㅙ [wae]  | ㅚ [oe] |
ㅜ [u] | ㅠ [yu] | ㅝ [wo^] 
ㅞ [we]  | ㅟ [ui] |
ㅡ [u^] |   |   | ㅢ[u^i] |
ㅣ [i] |   |   |   |dictionary order:
ㅏ(ㅐ, ㅒ), ㅑ, ㅓ (ㅔ, ㅖ), ㅕ, ㅗ (ㅘ, ㅙ, ㅚ), ㅛ, ㅜ (ㅝ, ㅞ, ㅟ), ㅠ, ㅡ (ㅢ), ㅣ
ㅏ is similar to "Ah".
ㅑ is similar to "yard".
ㅓ is similar to "cut".
ㅕ is similar to "just" or...
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