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* Faulkner ‘s Women : characterization and meaning, Sally R. Page ed. Everett/Edwards, inc. 1973
* Sutpen’s White Women in « Absalom ,Absalom ! », seminar paper in « American Historical Novels », 2007 for Bergische Universitat Wuppertal by Julia Sossna and Lehramt Gym/Ge
* Sutpen’s White women in William Faulkner’s « Absalom, Absalom ! », seminar paper ?????

Thereprésentation of women in Absalom, Absalom !

* women in AA does not share the same code of honor as men, that’s why it seems they are on another level of reality
* no semi-measure in the women’s character, they are not really balanced « they embody the extrêmes of human nature » livre 1 p25
* Clytie à la fin est destructrice mais elle permet un nouvel ordre des choses, en tous caselle enterre à jamais la tragédie Sutpen, c’est un peu comme la purification par le feu
* Uses lots of IMAGERY to characterize women
* Conférence in Nagano, Japan « The opinion that women cause the trouble is not my own … They have held families together and it’s because of families that the race is continued, and I would be sorry to think that my work had given anyone the impression thatI held women in morally a lower position than men, which I do not. »
* Est-ce que les femmes sont considérées de la même façon selon qui les décrit et qui parle d’elles ? Car part rosa elles n’ont pas de voix directe

1 – What is their narrative voice ?
° they don’t have one, apart from Rosa, because she is the only survivor with Clytie. Her resentment can be felt in her discourse and eventhough she does not die literally she seems to be annihilated as a human being, because she constantly lives in the past, in a past that is destroying her
° in AA, women are often associated with nature, with the earth or the flowers …, they might represent the soil that sutpen has violated and has in the end brought to destruction ; Judith is often described with flowery dresses and clothingfor example
2 – Ghostly and fantastic figures, (without substance) part linked to IDENTITY
° « ellen the esoteric , the almost baroque »,
° they appear as immaterial, substanceless figures that have no grasp on reality and on which reality has no grasp . They just … undergo, and endure what they experience and in that sense they differ from the Tragic Hero who tries to fight his Destiny, hisFlaw. Women in AA have a kind of passivity that as it seems is in their blood, they don’t “make” anything, they are rather “made into” cf citation m.compson
° the very fact that they have no direct voice, apart from Rosa confers a distance which makes them feel weightless at first view
° idea that women are fantastic and marvellous figures that are at some point captured by men « (Ellen) whobefore I was born had vanished into the stronghold of an ogre or a djinn » and that they don’t live in the same world anymore « the world which she had quitted »16, I
« Years ago we in the south made our women into ladies. Then the War came and made the ladies into ghosts » p7, I
° women are outside the same reality as others, they are recluse in themselves, on another level of reality and from thereality of the world « Ellen was not VISIBLE (she seemed to have retired to the darkened room which she was not to quit until she died » 62, III / « the mother was prostrate, though the town believed not at the upset of the mariage but at the shock of REALITY entering her life » 62, III.
°  « we now existed in an apathy which was almost peace, like that of the blind unsentient earth itself » 124,V elles sont une fois de plus comme dans un monde à part = they belong to the chthotnian world, they are as mythical figures trapped in the malefic house, the prisonner’s house
° even rosa is apart from the reality of the narration sometimes for she estranges herelf from the reader and from Quentin, especially at the beginning, thing we can see visually by the italics
° the only blooming for...
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