Agatha christie

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Agatha Christie

1.Her biography:
Agatha Christie, her maiden name Agatha Mary Clarissa Miller was born in Torquay in the United Kingdom (Devon) in 1891, an American father and an English mother. The latter died when the writer is a child. His widowed mother encouraged him very top through education original writing. When Agatha reaches the age of 16, she moved to Pars to start learning asinging career that she should give up quickly. Agatha celebrates her engagement with Colonel Archibald in 1912, she married two years later and she had a daughter named Rosalind. She is forced to split her husband left to fight in the war of 14-18 and begins working at the hospital in Torquay. At this time, thanks to a bet with her sister, Agatha Christie wrote her first book titled: The mysteriousaffair at Styles. This book not finding a publisher at once, it was not published until 1920 Bodley Head. But it was not until 1926 that the writer becomes famous through the novel: The Murder of Roger Ackroyd. Agatha Christie Thus began the habit of writing two books a year. However in 1928, she left her husband after 14 years of marriage, following a temporary amnesia. She married two years laterthe archaeologist Max Mallowan that will give managers of several of these novels during journeys to archaeological sites.

Apart from these famous novels she wrote for the rest of his life, Agatha Christie has published novels under the name Mary Westmacott as far from you this spring (1944) or the Rose and the yellow tree ( 1948) but also poems, short stories and an autobiography. She endsher life in January 1976 at his home in Wallingford, England, after slaying her most famous detective, Hercule Poirot, I appointed, in a most fascinating history.
Agatha Christie has shown, it is true, another aspect of the crime, its causes and how we should go about solving it. It can be seen, she said, as a single event but as a fact explained by the personality of the victim as the murderer.Finding a solution is possible by a search for mobile, as evidence of why as much as the how. But in all cases, the culprit may be unmasked only after an investigation, often psychological, background of the victim and crime more generally. Sometimes, we are dealing with a crime that has happened in the past is any indication, so that material is gone and that solving the riddle can only be donethrough a purely intellectual research.

According to Agatha Christie (and particularly by his heroes), all the characters in context, in which the action takes place, are, or at least may be suspect: the Lord respected as the maid, skivvy. Moreover, the novelist expressed in many books that anyone can become a murderer, for example, protect a criminal or someone simply in a phase ofuncontrollable excitement. On the other hand, the plot of Agatha Christie novels can vary considerably, from a struggle between good and evil, the existence of international criminals or youth disorders.

Regarding the frame, found in most of these novels the image of the house or the family plot where the shape more terrible crimes behind the respectable appearance of old English traditions. It may benoted as well that many crime have a private nature. And finally, Agatha Christie shows that the roles of writer, reader, detective, victim and murderer are closely linked and always likely to switch.
Agatha Christie is undoubtedly one of the most popular novelists of his time. Author of eighty four books which are mostly entangled police, scores of plays and several collections of short stories -indeed, less well known - she managed to make his works of hits the twentieth century, read around the world. She participated in the establishment of rules of the detective novel par excellence and has provided a new approach to solving puzzles in his famous detective Hercule Poirot is as Miss Marple. She has through all his novels mix a complex plot with a clever plot and a solution always...
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