America's history

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America's history of fear. WEISSMULLER Aubin 1A B2

An article headlined America’s History written by Nicholas D. Kristof in the New York Times reminds us of the important place of religion in the history of the USA. This article shows us, using the recent debate about building Muslim center in Manhattan, that the "relationship" between the US population and some religious groups is not so clear and easy as it seems to be with the very famous motto: "One Nation Under God".
It exists for a long time, a fear between different populations and a fear between those who have a different way of thinking, a different worship… That is why in the past some overflows took place such as the burning of witches, the holocaust, the klux klux klan… This fear created many tensions, many suspicions between communities in the US… So we have here the "mix" between religion and fear , thus creating this climate of suspicion and this seems to be one of the reality in the US today with a population led by fear.Can we consider this problem of fear and this atmosphere of suspicion as a question of religion or are there some other factors?Firstly, we will try to identify this origin of "fear" in the USA and we will in the same time question the myth of the ''melting pot''. In the second part we will focus on the problem of Islamism.

The phenomenon of fear in the US is something which has old roots. Indeed, the differences between diverse populations created fear and distrust especially for immigrants who have always been seen as a threat. I want to focus on some myths of America: "One Nation Under God" and the concept of "melting pot". How relevant are they? We want to say not a lot because as historical facts prove it, people often criticized or created rumor. For example during the 19th century, Catholics were accused of rapes against children ,between the two World Wars it was Jewish people who were accused of plots and now it is Muslims who are the new scapegoats. This fear,

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