American dream: the fashion by rachel zoe

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American the Beautiful: the best and the worst
American Dream of Rachel Zoe


17 November 2008



1. Biography of Rachel Zoe………………………………………page 4

2. The worst of her American Dream………………………….….page 6

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America, biggest country of the world, is the mostcontroversial due to go too far: the best and the worst can be done by this country and it population. According to some definition, “The American Dream is belief in the freedom that allows all citizens and residents of the United States to pursue their goals in life through hard work and free choice.” But American dream includes a part of best and a part of worst. In fact, everybody would like to successby anyways which can be positive or negative.
I choose to explain the best and the worst of a famous American stylist: Rachel Zoe.

1. Biography of Rachel Zoe

Rachel Zoe is a fashion stylist. She is famous and she knows success thanks to this work. In fact, some stars of Hollywood are her clients. Today, she is a 37 years old woman married to an investment banker, Roger Berman who livedtogether in Los Angeles.

She was born as Rachel Zoe Rosenzweig on the 1st September 1971, in Yonkers, New York.
She lived in Milburn, New Jersey, where she went to Milburn Middle School and High School.
Her childhood is not miserable and not synonymous of luxury. However her parents had a contemporary art collection, and according to her, her mother was more glamour than other mothers.
RachelZoe about her mother: “Everything about her was and is still beautiful- her hair, her jewellery, her shoes...”
Loving and using fashion codes, she started very young. For instance, when she was 13 years old, she with her friends took the train from the suburban to New York. During trip like that, she bought a vintage mink coat at $200 in a store of West Village: she spent all her allowance andgift money to buy this clothe.
One year after this story, she went to Paris for holidays with her family. It was her first trip in Europe and her first Louis Vuitton bag: she still has it!

As seeing these few examples, Rachel Zoe was always attracted by fashion. She has some inspiration as designers, or as celebrities, but her mother was her first sources of inspiration because Leslie Zoe hadcollections like shoes collection or jewellery collection.

When she grows up, she took Roy Halston Frowick, a fashion designer, also known as Halston for an example and inspiration. His different works with many celebrities create his impeccable personal high style. She said about him: “this style sense was my gospel”.

Thanks to her parents, Rachel Zoe never wanted for anything. That’s why,she did not see her as a housewife of a rich men. This was not her way to life, she wanted to work hard and achieve her dreams herself.
She decided to live to this way: “it’s about being happy, positive, alive!”

Rachel Zoe went to the college to study sociology and psychology, so she is graduated from the George Washington University. She met her husband and they got married at the end of theirstudies.
After passing her studies, she searched a job in a fashion sector. Consequently, at 21 years old, she became the new fashion editor of YM magazine in New York. During one year, she devoted herself to the magazine and she began to styling all the teen idols of the moment.

She had 22 years and she decided to create her own business. Immediately, she started styling the backstreet boys,Britney Spears and Jessica Simpson. Consequently, everything followed on…
Although this success, she left the East Cost to go the West Cost: Hollywood was a dream.
The first fourth year in L.A. was totally crazy: demanding schedule, 3 weeks without a day off…
She worked hard to be what she is now: all the stars of USA know her and would like to work with her.

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