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Many societies around the world can’t get enough of “Americanisation”, while others see it as a threat. What’s your opinion?

For start, I will explain you what’sAmericanisation, and in the second part, I will develop my opinion in this subject.

The Americanisation is a social phenomenon. It’s all worlds which concern: ToAsia, on the way to Africa or Europe. This photo below illustrious the phenomenon:

The USA’s sizes don’t explain their influence on the rest of global.
We can observea mixed population, and it’s the world’s leading economic power.
Since the plan Marshal which allow to build the France, this plan will leave important culture’stracks in Europe.
Coca cola, chewing gum, Mc Donald are so many brand of Americanisation.
It’s with broadcasting movies or music that Americanisation began a way oflife.
This phenomenon leads the exchange’s increase and the international trade development.
One of sustainable development’s mainstays is economic. The Americanisationcontributes to develop the market. But at what price?...

The Americanisation is a threat because it creates a standardization of way of life.
One of sustainabledevelopment’s mainstays is social with the human’s health. So, with the fast-food settlement, we notice an obesity high increase. In USA 1/3 of population are obese.We can imagine ravages on the rest of world.

But, we can underline, that USA are also influence by others countries. For example, they like many French’s actricesame Marion Cotillard, they buy “Champagne” or “foie gras”.
Actually, the fair trade is in development with the set up of trade agreement fairer for two partners.
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