Analyse du premier véto de bill clinton (anglais)

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In November 1992, Bill Clinton is elected forty-second president of the United States. He’s a democrat and his election follows the presidency of a republican, George Bush Senior and the first Gulf War.

At the beginning of his term, Clinton adopted a personal way to govern. Clinton relied on a few number of confidents, including his wife, Hilary. She prepared a law project about social security and healthcare, which would have assured to all the Americans a health cover. But this project is blocked by the Congress, which was democrat, because of its complexity and its institutional aspect. One of the consequences of this politic is nevertheless the reversal of the majority in the two houses of the Congress at the mid-terms elections of November 1994.

So, since 1995, Bill Clinton didn’t use his presidential right of veto. But, with a republican majority in the Congress, all the things will change, and, in two years, he used 17 times his veto right.

Right now, we’ll present you the first veto of the first presidency of Bill Clinton, which took place in June of 1995.

As from the mid-terms elections, Bill Clinton had affirmed his ideas in favor of social and educational measures, and to fight against poverty. And, this first presidential veto of this term is the first step to his reelection which is going to happen in 1996.

Objecting, for the first time since his election in 1992, his veto to a text adopted by othe Congress, Bill Clinton gave the signal of the first frontal battle with the republican majority, which, since the mid-terms elections of November 1994, is in the control of the Senate and the House of representatives. He chooses, at the same time, the subject above whom he seems decided to lead, in 1996, the campaign for his reelection. As a matter of fact, the text he decide to send back in front of the representatives, because he contests, at the same time the spirit and the orientation, planned to make savings of 16,4 billion of

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