Analyse marketing de march2 des boissons energisants

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Zumo the energy drink
I. Where are we now ?
II. When we want arrive: marketing recommendations
III. When we want arrive: communication recommendations

I. Zumo: Where we are now
Zumo is thebest selling sport drink in Spain. It is an energy drink with a
unique formula. The scientific studies’ results about its formula and
has proved that Zumo is absorbs by our body faster thanwater
or other soft drinks. Zumo has unique secret ingredient: “herbora” - made
of rare African plants. Its unique recipe has made Zumo the leader of the energy
drinks market.
Zumo is producedby Zumospa – food and drink company based in
Valencia, in Spain. The annual revenue of the company is €30m.
Zumo is Zumospa’s cash cow. Last year it brought in €4.5m in
profits and accounted for20% of the company’s total turnover.
Zumo is positioned as an energy product for fitness-conscious people.
Its price is in the medium range. Zumo is now sold all over Europe. It has a largechannel of distribution: grocery stores, convenience stores, supermarkets
and through contracts with professional leagues such as football,
golf and tennis associations. Zumo offers fourflavours: classic,
light, kiwi and strawberry.
We did the SWOT analysis for the brand. It will help us to clearly understand our position on the market for better progressing on the international marketand to keep our position of as market leader in Spain.
Strong reputation: we are the leader in Spain and well- known in Europe
The price is in the medium range, we propose the bestquality product in energy drink market
Best-selling sports drinks
Many distribution point: grocery stores, convenience stores, supermarkets and through the contract with sports leagues
Fourflavours offered: classic, light, kiwi and strawberry, so Zumo offres a wide choice.
Numerous and effective ways of advertising are in place Weakness
Target is not large enough: only fitness...
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