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Sociology and Management

Management, Organizations and Social Networks: an Emerging Field #1
A new approach in management, even if the study of social networks is not recent (anthropology, sociology) An approach well developed in the US, appearing in Europe, and what about China ? Mobilizing social ties : this is an operating mode for individuals. The network of contacts, a resource forindividual action… …but collectively build, …and crucial for the organized collective action.

Management & Social Networks. Cooperation Within and Between Organizations
International Business 2nd Year Program “All in English”
2009 April, Wednesday 29

Management, Organizations and Social Networks: an Emerging Field #2
The taking in account of these US works is already done today in France(Huault, 1998 ; 2002) Research programs are developing : recruitment, individual performance, individual power, innovations, inter-firm networks, etc. (Adler & Kwon 2002)

Contents #1
1. Networks & Organizations, First Looks
1.1. The Relative Value of Inter-individual Ties on Labor Market (Mark Granovetter) 1.2. The Social Position of One’s Contacts as a Social Resource (Nan Lin) 1.3.Socially Embedded Consumer Transactions (DiMaggio & Louch) 1.4. “How? Why?” Exercise


What is Social Capital ?
2.1. The nature of Social Capital 2.2. Holes Among the Social Network Structure (The Structural Holes Theory, R. Burt) 2.3. The Dual Form of Social Capital. A Dialectic Between Closure and Openness

Focusing on the role of social networks as an organizational advantage in thefunctioning of firms



Contents #2
3. Cooperation within and between organizations
3.1. The role of informal relations for the success of R&D projects (Kreiner & Schultz, 1993) 3.2. The exchange decision between R&D researchers (Bouty, 1998) 3.3. The role of the strength of ties for successful R&D projects (Hansen, 1999) 3.4. The constitution of social niches in organizations (Lazega2001) 3.5. Opportunism or need for membership ? The duality of cooperation in the case of project teams (Dameron, 2004)

1. Networks & Organizations, First Looks

1.1. The Relative Value of Interindividual Ties on Labor Market
The Strength of Weak Ties, Mark Granovetter, AJS, 1973


To Conclude: a Synthesis on Networks and Cooperation in Organizations “How to Build Your Network”, FinalExercise References

5. 6.



The Relative Value of Inter-individual Ties to Change Job (Granovetter, 1973)
1) The strength of ties between individuals Four criteria frequency of contacts or quantity of time spent together emotional intensity level of intimacy (mutual trust) reciprocal services that characterize the link => no ties / weak ties / strong ties 2) Basichypothesis: the tendency to transitivity of strong ties Example : A, B, C A bridge = the only link between two clusters of relations In social systems: local bridge, the only link, or so A bridge is always a weak tie

Types of Means to Get a Job (Granovetter 1973)
someone known personally to ego and in contact with him in a context unrelated to information job search, from whom he has found out his newjob or who recommended him to the employer advertisements, public and private employment agencies, as ANPE or executives search services, associations, placement committees… Direct writing (letter, CV) or presentation to a firm, without using a formal or personal intermediary

Personal Contacts

56 %

Formal Means


Direct Application




Nature of the LinkLeading to Job (Granovetter 1973)

The Length of the Relational Chain to Get a Job (Granovetter 1973)

Strong Ties

To meet often, at least twice a week


Direct contacts with employers Only one intermediary (the weak tie) Two intermediaries More than two intermediaries

39,1 % 43,5 % 12,5 % 3,1 %

Weak Ties

To meet occasionally, more than once a year, but less than twice a...
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