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We are going to present you a subject about the different commercial banking jobs.
1-2-Before begining, we present you the program of this subject.
First, after talking about the banking sector,we present you the context with severals key figures. Then, we’ll propose to you to illustrate our subject with some examples about the commercial banking jobs.
To conclude, there ‘ll be a debateabout this.

3-So, with more than four hundred thousand co-workers, this sector is one of the first private employers. It proposes a several variety of professions in the contact of thecustomers.
It is a dynamic sector with different possible evolutions, and in spite of crise, recruits people to accompany the development of this activity using vocational training for example.4-First, before explaining the different actions of the job that we do, let us explain you some key figures in order to describe this sector.

As we said before, banks are very important: Indeed, theserepresent twenty seven thousands bank branches in France and five hundred french financial firms. Furthermore, it allows to be an international marked very developed.

5-Then, we will present youthis board which allows to understand the repartition about all the jobs in banking sector.
We can notice that the main jobs which are represented are commercial jobs, that we’ll illustrate later, butthe part of back office and human ressources, with 48%, show the large possibility of jobs in banks.

6-Now let us describing the different situations where we can be confronted to with thedifferent commercial banking jobs....We found 5 major jobs like you can see: “””””””””

7- First, it concerns when you are a reception adviser: we choose the case when a customer wants to haveinformations, in using the maximum of banking vocabulary (video)

8- Now this is the situation when you become a Private adviser. This one can be confronted to several situations: For example: asking an...
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