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Once before the war, Eric had just arrived home, heavy heart, full of ideals, appalled that the world was collapsing before his eyes. Father sat down on the big Victorian sofa, offered acigar to Eric who refused and lit his Lucky Strike:
“- We got to talk about the future.
- Yes, there will be a war, definitely.
- I meant: your future. It stares you in the face: that’snot what you wanted to be: a hobo. You are intended to make big things, you know it. I moved heaven and earth to make you become somebody.
- Somebody? Do you really think I’d need to followyour conservative rules and your fake-moral to become somebody? Here I am, Father, I AM somebody : my name is Eric Smythe, member of the communist party, living at Sullivan Street, I sweepfloors for 20 dollars instead of acting like sheep like you people, instead of existing, I live.”

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b) Do you agree with the son’s choice of life? What would you do in hisplace?

Eric's choice, it’s that one to live outside the society, anchored in its deep political belief, kneaded on utopianism. He believes in the human person and thinks change the world.Indeed, I can’t admire Eric's choice. If I do not agree with him, some people may think it is by fright, by lack of courage surely, some people might say his arguments are more thanreceivable, but social conventions and requirements of the society make that I would never have been able to act as him.
It is totally wrong. I think that if you are bright as Eric, if you have acertificate and you got opportunities as him in your life, you cannot spit over that, even by ideological firm belief. Why not to change things by setting up on the stage of the world, byintegrating with the society?
It is definitely very easy and comfortable to act as Eric, to destroy, to make a fake Spring of Nations by youthful rebellion motivation.

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