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1) Circle the correct answer:

1)Where does Mohammed live?
a) in Asia
b) in Europe
c) in Africa

2)What is Mohammed’s job?
a) he is a scientist
b) he is a teacher
c) he sellsvegetables

3. What sort of things can be kept with this invention?
a) vegetables
b) fish

4. What did Mohammed receive for his work?
a) a watch
b) some money
c) a pot

5. Who willparticularly benefit from this invention?
a) children
b) men
c) women (young women)

6. What future use could be developed?
a) the device will be useful for transport
b) the device will be usefulfor keeping medicine (for the insulin)
c) the device will be useful for storing bodies

2) Écoutez à nouveau l’enregistrement et écrivez à quoi correspondent les chiffres suivants :

75,000 :Mohammed Bah Abba received the $75,000 Rolex Award for Enterprise for his pot-in-pot cooling system for refrigeration. He became famous.

2001 : His invention was listed in the Times magazine of theyear 2001.

37 is the age he had when he made his invention.

12,000 is the number of pot-in-pot he already sold.

Part Two
Are the following statements true or false? Write “true” or “false”and justify your answers in your own words or words from the document.

1.Nigeria is a developing country.
Yes, it's true, because there are no refrigerators. Most people don't even haveelectricity, so perishable food must be eaten immediately, or it will be wasted.

2.The invention consists in two pots: one is placed into the other.
Yes, it's true the Pot-in-Pot Preservation Cooling Systemhas a small earthenware pot placed inside a larger one and the space between the two is filled with moist sand.

3.Ice is used to cool the contents.
No, They put a wet cloth to cover the wholething. As water in the sand evaporates through the surface of the outer pot, it carries heat, drawing it away from the inner core.

4.A metal cover is placed on top of the pots.
No, it's false, a...
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