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cocoboost is made for different categories of customers:
First target: teenagers who want to have fun and stay awake all night whithout drinking alcohol or reduce their consumption.
Second target:people who need energy and want to be tonic all the day in order to face the hardness of a week of work for example.
Third target: professional athletes, our product can help them to do the beston their trainning period or competitions.
Cocoboost is a new drink and we expect to launch also a Diet cocoboost (without sugar) but we won't stop there indeed another cocoboost is going to belaunched with another flavour still in the same spirit but this product will get chocolate flavour, it is risky business but we believe in it.
Also a coco-mint drink is planned in several weeks we wantto surprise the consumer and arouse their curiosity and urge.
We expect a good feed back by the word of mouth.

Cocoboost is a new product launched in the energy drinks market,the recommanded retail price is 1,25 euros for one bottle of 20 CL it's an attractive price for this product and it's not listed on the top of the range compared to its competitors like Redbull,Powerade..we are adopting this marketing strategy to convince people to try (and buy) and to see the positive effects of our drink.
We also plan to give free samples during the launching period to bring outthis innovation and let people taste it, then we will see the evolution and hope that it's going to be a success.
We sell this drink in different packaging you can either buy only one for 1,25euros or the four-packs that costs 3,99 euros. In addition we expect to launch a 24 packs exclusive it will cost around 25 euros.

Cocoboost is totally new and has few competitorsthe most dangerous one is Redbull then we have other energy drinks with different flavours.
Other competitors like Powerade and Dark Dog represent a threat.
Nevertheless we are the only company in...
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