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Do you think that a radio or TV programme could cause such collective panic today? Why or why not?

In 1938, in the New Jersey in the USA. A radio broadcast a novel “War of the Worlds” by H.G Welles. This story tells an invasion of Aliens & Martians. It was a hoax, and all the radio listeners believe it, because people are gullible.

In 1938, there wasn’t a lot of media, but they were more important than now. People listen the radio all days, they believe all they hear. A hoax is easier to do a few years ago than now. In 1938, people trust the medias. Nowadays, TV programmes, radios, newspapers, & magazines lies. A hoax is less credible now. Who believes the media? I think, if we try to do the same hoax in 2010, the success won’t be the same, because people know that Aliens & Martians don’t exist. People are more suspicious nowadays. The TV often cheats or deceives with special effects. Sometimes it works, but not every time, the hoax must be very convincing, even if it’s unexpected.
So I think, a radio or TV programme won’t cause such collective panic today, because people are less gullible, they are lucid. But it doesn’t mean that it won’t work. But people won’t be panic-stricken. And it won’t be nationwide. If someone wants to make a hoax, he has to do something

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