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White vision VS Black Vision
Arguments to support these visions
Clichés associated to black people of Africa ( Canibalsm ,rape, shrunken heads, zulu warriors, voodoo, witch doctors, evil, caveman ?
Black people and racims in publicity
Origine of these clichés
Aborigene : Caveman or a organisated society ? >DEBATE


Le vaudou vient d'Afrique de l'ouest mais on pratique aussi un vaudou partout où des esclaves africains ont été déportés, comme dans certaines îles des Caraïbes ou dans quelques pays d'Amérique comme le Brésil, États-Unis, Mexique etc. À l'imagedes langues créoles parlées par les descendants d'esclaves à travers le monde les vaudous des « nouveaux mondes » sont des mélanges entre différentes religions d'origines africaines (vaudou ou pas) et celles des sociétés esclavagistes.La religion vaudou a longtemps été réprimée et diabolisée. Les clichés, lieux communs et fantasmes véhiculés par le passé sont encore perceptibles. Ainsi, lorsquel'on dit s'inspirer du vaudou, on retrouve souvent satanisme, cannibalisme, sorcellerie et envoûtements, destructions... L'objet représentant le mieux cette perception du vaudou est la poupée vaudou, instrument magique de torture.


1) Introduction E
Racism, intolerance and stereotypes are the current problems of our society.We all know that black people were the principal victims of these phenomena. Indeed, considered inferior to whites they have been confronted and still are by serious injustices such as apartheid and colonialism. How does black people consider white people ? How do white people consider black people? And why? A little bit of history in order to understand ...

2) History
1) Triangular tradeThe slavery of the black Africans by European , represent the official creation of a categorie of people racialement lower : the «Negros» and in the same time , the superior category the Whites. In fact eleven milllions Africans were deported to become slaves.For white people , they were just like things or animals, they treated them with brutality , degradation and inhumanity. Whippings,executions and rapes were communplace. The colonies and the states generally didn’t give to slaves the oppurtunity to learn to read or to write. Slaves were punished by whipping , shackling, beating , mutilation or imprisonment if they didn’t obey or sometimes just to confirm the dominance of the master.

This ideology of the superior European pursues its exansion with thecolonization. Between the 1870s and 1900, Africa faced European imperialist aggression , diplomatic pressures , military invasions , conquest and colonization.It was a genocidal colonial policy , its role was to eradicate people resistant to hostile invasion,millions people died.On tof of all , in full time of colonial conquest , appears a big propaganda positivist and pragmatic
to give proof of theinferiority of the conquered people , to justify their domination and colonial conquest .

3) Segregation
The expression refers primarily to the legally or socially enforced separation of African Americans from other races. After the Secession war , the proclamation of emancipation had abolished the slavery in the South of the United States. But 10 years after , after the time of reconstruction ,the laws Jim Crow obliged a strict segregation of races. In all the public places , black en white have separate spaces , don’t use the same toilet , eat and have fun in different places.
exemples of the Jim Crow’s Low :
-" No person or company(society) will require(demand) from any white feminine nurse to work in the rooms of hospitals, public or private, in whom the Negros are placed. "...
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