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1. Who are the main characters? What are they doing? Where and when does the scene take place? (40 words)

There are two main characters: Britt and her Mum. They are talking after Britt got up and having morning tea together. The scene takes place in the sitting room of her parents’ home: the room has a fireplace and Britt is perched onan uncomfortable sofa.

2. What can you say about the girl’s results at school and university?

Britt did well grammar school and she went to Oxford. At Oxford, she must have done very well because, over the 12 years since her graduation, she has had numerous “new achievements.” She must be earning a lot of money to be able to afford a raw silk kimono that probably costs as much as herparents’ three-piece living room suite.

3. l.14 – l. 37
a) Four rituals:
• Dressed in gown and mortar board (or cap).
• Collect the degree from the Vice-Chancellor.
• Ceremony takes place in Sheldonian Theatre.
• Taking of the graduation photo that goes on the mantelpiece in the parents’ home.

b) Graduation Day - Differences

|Differences|Why? (Quote the text) |
|Britt deprived her parents’ of their one moment of glory for|Britt believed at that time that “she was ashamed of them” (l. 24-25) |
|all the sacrifice they made to put her through grammar |because of their modest (middle class) background to want them to have |
|school andOxford |their one moment of glory. |
|She comes from a middle class family and she was now part of|(l. 26-27) She could not face the idea of “her father in an ill-fitting |
|the university’s smart set that had mostly had rich parents.|suit and her mother wearing a Crimplane and a borrowed wedding hat, |
||wandering uncomfortably amongst the rich businessmen and titled parents |
| |of her new friends.” |
|She lied to her parents about attending Degree Day which is |(l. 25-26) She believed that she was too “groomed andsophisticated now”|
|different than most of her new rich friends. |to support the idea of having her parents mingle with the parents of her|
| |new friends. |
| |(l. 28-29) She told her parents that “she would be onholiday for Degree|
| |Day and would collect hers by the post.” |

c) Line 16 indicates that Graduation Day took place 12 years ago.

4. Britt remembers that day mostly with a sick feeling of shame as shown in lines 16-17 where as she is sipping her morning tea when “another memory, deep andrepressed, sprang up bringing with it the sick feeling of shame which even twelve years hadn’t managed to blot out.” Also, she remembers that prior to Graduation Day she did not want her parents to attend because “she had been too embarrassed to invite them” (lines 34-35).

5. (l. 13) “… She had almost nothing in common with them.”

| |The parents|The daughter |
|1 – marital status |Still happily married 12 years after Britt’s graduation from |Still single. Line 51 “…found herself pregnant and |
| |Oxford. |alone.” |
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