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1- Comment the formal perception people or consumers had to Toyota. Describe what people think about Toyota.
Before 2008, Toyota lend a reable corporate image. Their models were famous thanks to their beauty (The Toyota Prius has been vote as the beautiest car of the year 2005), as well as their manufacturing and innovation techniques. The company has been considered as the pinnacle of Japanese innovation, and has made the other companies sent délégations to tour Toyota’s factory in order to imbued with the japanese firm corporate value. In 2008, their succes alow them to overtake General Motors, the bigest carmakers of the world.
But within a few weeks all this has changed.Technicals troubles had forced them to recall 8 million cars. The recall has been made lately, and let numbers of accidents happened, wich had a negatif impact on the brand image. The 9 february other car had been recall due to a screw manufacturing. Following to this two recall, the company lose her reliable image. This situation can be explain by the fact the the directors refused to speak about the trouble with the media. This lake of information created suspicion of the public opinion.
Today, people or consumers don’t trust anymor Toyota because she was not able to ressure the public opinion, and took to many times to offer a explanation (and was disapointted).

2- Identifify the three mistakes Toyota made
For being the symbole of the japaness innovation apogee to is present situation, Toyota made lots of mistakes, whose the following :
- Car troubles appear : it is the first declin stape of the company whois seen better days. This matters betrayed a lack of conscentious since they had not test the car enough.
Frequently, car have technical trouble, so the consumer is used to it. Toyota schould just tell it quickelyer. Most of the time, people do even not know about cars’ trouble, the car retailer will be in charge of cheeking if their consummer car have trouble and will repair

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