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The statue of Liberty which has for exact name “liberty illuminant the world”, is at the entry of the port of New York. This one was the first picture which the immigrants had of America when theyarrived in boat.
With its lit torch, it seemed to welcome them.
It becomes the symbol of the hopes and the aspirations of all the immigrants who came to look for a better life in a new country.The statue of liberty charmed the immigration of the American people.
Liberty holding its torch was the subject of many works, of which a very famous poem “the new Colossus”, that Emma Lazarusin 1883 composed for the countryside of subscriptions for the construction of the pedestal.This poem expresses well the idea with which the statue is associated.
For many immigrants, this statueincarnated the end of misery and oppression and the promises of hope of a new country.
She is seen like a gesture of welcome.
The border between Mexico and the US has the reputation to be themost opened to the world.
It has as an ambition to dissuade the clandestine people to try the passage towards north.Or more precisely, to fight against clandestine immigration, the drugtrafficking and terrorism.
This border is reinforced by projectors and surveillance cameras able to detect the movements with the accesses of the wall.

If we compare the documents, we can see that wehave two documents which are in favour of immigration and the two others which are against this one.

Introduction : To start, we can see four documents about immigration in the US.
The firstdocument is a poem written by Emma Lazarus engraved on a plaque inside the pedestal of the Statue of Liberty.
The second document is a photograph of the statue of Liberté . The next document is a photographtoo, of the border fence between Mexico and the US.
The last document show a mexican couple hugs in front of the mexican side of the border fence that separates Tijuana from San Diego, visible in...
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