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I- Explain the underlined words in English in your own words :

1: to be dependent on something (for support)

2: a trend is something that many people doat a given time

3: be against someone and have the same common goal

4: to forbid something

5: the way to determine how much knowledge has been acquired (exams)

6: what is taught, at schoolor at university

7: to stop working towards the end of one’s life

8: something that is compulsory must be done, it’s obligatory

9: it means that something shows even if it hosn’t beenclearly stated or (give information to an enemy)

10: make something a priority

II- Answer the following questions in your own words:

1: What do UK teenagers do today for assessment?

Britishteenagers get specialized text books designed exclusively to help them pass exams, such as a levels or GCSES, instead of using other sources of information.

2: what is John Dunford’s opinion on thematter?

John Dunford believes that by doing so, pupils get better grades thus in crazing their school performance in league tables. Whilst ranking better, pupils lack thorough understanding.

3:What is the problem of a celebrity-dominated society?

In such a society, people, especially teenagers, may be fooled into thinking that to succeed in life. (At least on a financial Level), littleeffort is required. Anyone can rise to fame overnight; and fall into oblivion just as quickly.

4: what is the opinion of the panel of Government advisors?

The paned is against providing pupilswith such text books. They also denounce the increasing number of exam boards churning out their own textbooks, this creating an alleged “conflict of interest”.

5: why do schools have to “teach tothe text”?

They are pushed to “teach to the text” because of the pressure they are under. They must hit government targets as well as secure a good position in league tables.

6: Explain the...
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