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MILLION Florence ; 1er Groupe B
Vocabulary :
Directories = la direction
Run = dirigés, cadrés
Point-of-sale = les points de ventesTarget=viser
Persuade = encourager/persuader
Mailshots = des mailings
Billboards/hoardings= des panneaux publicitaires
Posters = des affiches
Endorsement = l’endossement ex : Clooneyendorsement nespresso
Publicise= rendre public
Promote= promouvoir
Word of mouth= le” bouche à Oreille”
Free samples= échantillon gratuit
Leaflets= prospectus
Some perfumecompanies provide free samples so that customers can try the perfume on their skin before they buy.
Celebrity exhibition is a technique that is very popular in advertising at the moment.If you have something to sell, you can launch an advert in the local newspaper.
The food such as Candies, o the product as glasses, often does the brands.It’s effective because show the product and the customer want to buy.
1-The three factors according to Phil Knight are:
Use the celebrity (superstar)
The product is designEndorsement
Innovation , technology
2- The new company growth it’s REEBOK and offers a new air shoes. Furthermore NIKE “experimented unsuccessfully “with non-athletic shoes and lostthe one position.
3-The innovation allow the company to does enter new product in the market. Find again its reputation and market share. The company marks the history.
4-The celebrity savedrecognition of company in eyes of consumers. Save the popularity, seem to accessible, the clientele indentify with the star. The brand becomes a reference.
5-The key idea about advertising is thevariety, originality and the marketing director gives power. And “high-risk strategy”.
It’s false because the text says “they do not rely on market research pre-testing which often...
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