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The document we are dealing with is a visual document , and more precisely a cartoon drawing by Gotham in the New Woman in may 1986 .
To began we can notice at the top of the document the title which is It’s a deal … , therefore who may guess that the document is going to talk about a deal , probably between many characters .
Then , if we shift our attention in the middle of the document we can pinpoint in the foreground two characters , who are in profile , face to face .
Thus , the 2 characters are setting , and we can make out a table between them
And in the background we can pinpoint a balcony with flowers , consequently we can deduce that the scene takes place in a restaurant
On the left hand side we can make out a man , with dark hair and big nose, and who is wearing glasses and A black suit with a white shirt and a tie as a consequence who can deduce that it’s an important moment for him because he is wearing smart clothes. Besides he is holding the hands of the women in front of him
Now if we focus our attention on the right hand side we can notice a woman who is probably blond , with fair hair , and who is wearing fair clothes , she seems a little sad , she is not smiling , therefore we may infer that she is a little scary about this moment .
The man on the left hand side seems to talk because his mouth is open , then we can guess that he is talking to the woman about an important things
Moreover , at the bottom we can read some sentences about a deal between them If the man change his looks , his personality , his mannerisms and he’s profession , as a consequence who can deduce that his man is in love about the woman in front of him .
Besides , the last sentence is a question , the man is asking to the woman that if he change she ’ll marry him , so we can guess that it’s a proposal of marriage , and the woman seems not liking him , then we may suppose that he already asked to the woman this question , and she probably said no

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