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Devoir d'Hiver d'Anglais

A. General comprehension

1. In these scene, there are 5 main characters (aboriginal girls): Molly, Gracie, Daisy, Rosie and Martha. 2. The narrator is an outside narrator, 3. Molly, Gracie, Daisy and Rosie belonged to the same family.

B. Detailed comprehension

1. The “boob” is a kind of jail in order to punish children who don't respect rules. 2. The girl was impolite to a teacher. 3. This sentence means that the girl will spend two days in the boob. 4. a. TRUE: they got the strap, Mr Johnson shaved their heads bald, they was flogged.
b. TRUE: they only got as far as Jump Up Hill, along the railway line.
c. FALSE: they knew that the train that goes through to Geraldton slowed down there. 5. The black tracker works for settlement and has to catch girls who tried to runaway. 6. Cruel – heartless – pitiless 7. This sentence means that the black tracker behaved like a white policeman. 8. That black tracker has always caught them and brought them here again. (l. 21,22) 9. “The aboriginal children were placed in an overcrowded dormitory”. “They slept on beds with government-issue blankets”. “There were no sheets or pillow slips except on special occasions”. 10. During officials' visits, settlement gave to children sheets or pillow slips to put on their beds to give a good impression. 11. “On the windows there were just wire screens and iron bars”. “The slipe of the blot and the rattle of the padlock”. 12. The girl decided to find a way to escape this jail with her

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