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LFY group 3 Title: Describe and explain how the educational system in your country works.

In my country which is France, the educational system is very different from Britain in many ways. I will explain and describe the educational system in France.
Firstly, this essay will speak about how the educational systems in France works, and secondly, it will speak about study fees in France.
The Educational system is different in many ways from the other countries.
In France, you have public and private school before and after Baccalauréat.
The number of pupil in primary, secondary and tertiary is approximately 12 072 139 for public and private schools.
All the schools in France are coeducational and it is compulsory from six to sixteen but before six it is possible to send children to nursery school.
Nursery school is from three to six and the principal aim is to help every child to become autonomous, appropriate knowledge and competences. The timetable is twenty-four hours per week. The program involves: adaptation to language and acquirement of writing; becoming a pupil; discovering the world; comprehension, sense.
Primary School for public and private school, from six to eleven years, and the program is in two major ways: learning the language in general and French language; and the second point is civic education.
The secondary school, for public and private school, from eleven to fifteen (6th, 5th, 4th, 3rd), pupils learn Mathematic, History and Geography and others subjects are organized in three cycles: first cycle is 6th which is an adaptation cycle and the objective is to keep learning as in the primary school and to learn how work in secondary school.
Moreover, in this class the students chose a first foreign language, which are English or German.
Second cycle is, 5th and 4th.It is the central cycles for which the objective is to go deeper into details, to develop their knowledge and

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