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There, in front of him, was standing the most horrible ghost. It had a large head with no hair on it, and a fat round face with a deathly smile across its open mouth. A red light burned like a fire inside its open mouth and behind both its eyes. Its great body was hidden under a long shroud, and it carried a large piece of paper with strange writing on it.
The Canterville ghost did not wait to read it. He was too frightened. When you see your first ghost, you don't stop to talk, you turn and run so the Canterville ghost turned and ran.
He threw himself onto his bed, and hid his head under his pillow. It was some time before he began to feel better. Then he told himself that he was a Canterville, and that Cantervilles were fighters to the end.
Very early in the morning, while the family was still sleeping, he went back to the passage. The other ghost was still here, but now against the wall like a sick man. The Canterville ghost moved forward quickly and put his arm round the other ghost and its head fell off!
Then the body fell to the floor, and the Canterville ghost saw that he was holding a white bed sheet . And there was a brush, and a turnip with holes in it, lying at his feet.
What's happened? He thought. Where has the ghost gone?
Then he saw the piece of paper on the front of the sheet, and there, in the grey morning light, he read these terrible words
Là, en face de lui, se tenait le fantôme le plus horrible. Il avait une grosse tête sans cheveux sur elle, et un visage rond gras avec un sourire de mort dans sa bouche ouverte. Un feu rouge brûlé comme un feu à l'intérieur de sa bouche ouverte et derrière ses deux yeux. Son grand corps était caché sous un long linceul, et il portait un grand morceau de papier avec écrit dessus étrange.
Le fantôme de Canterville n'a pas hâte de le lire. Il avait trop peur. Quand vous voyez votre premier fantôme, vous n'arrêtez pas de parler, vous tourner et courir ainsi le fantôme de Canterville mis à courir.
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