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placein Kenyain the early 1950s.] [The story takes A postcard came airmailfrom London: >earvLoawd De+a, (uw.e, w e're haû.wga wowd,erfuL herel l*ape gott havea swashLwg hoLLdag sag la,rubo, t tloroge. too. to rcwahen! Seegov,soowl -e,LLL AwwLe araA On the reverseside, Picadilly Circusin full colour,a city scene granderand infinitely more bustling thanourown modest andquitesomnolent KingStreétroundabout. Look,saidpapa,who was holding the postcard, biggest in the worlà. up the city Where's circus,Papa?| askèàhim,ôur self-styled the experton matters Engfish. Maybetherewas a circustherea tongtime ago,-he saic, tryinj tô-sound confident and unable to hidehis uncertainty. Mother, Deepa, and.lweregathered roundPapain the shop,poring withhimovereverydetail of the glorious scene.The blacktaxis,a red double-bus carryiÀé'"auËrtirements its side,men on and womenin hats, a red mailbox, newsagent, the stôriand street a all signs.papa turneda wistfuleye to Mother, who acknowledged â smile;it was his deareit wishto visitthat centreof with the universeonce in his was his Mecca,his Varanasi nis Jerusatem. visit there A conferred status, you moreover: became one of the selectgroup,tnà'lônoon-returned. He tackedthe postcard the uprightbehindthe tablè,wÉereit stayed on proudreminder only of his yearning-but of his euroieàn-,,tiienàl'. for morethan a year, not also Bill and Annie had gone withouttheir parents.To my p"r"nii, it *", a sign of European irresponsibility theycouldsendtheirchildren that on.anexpensive voyage andyet run up sizeable debtsin town.Though Motherremembered graciously Mtrs. that erucéâio h"u" a wealthy 1g;]y ;; England' howcouldshe allowherself send

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