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Anti-Bullfight Organization

Hello everybody!
We are going to talk about Anti-Bullfight Organization because we hold it dear to our heart.
A.B.O. fights the ban on entrance of bullrings to theminors under age 16 and for the definitive abolition of bullfights.
The bullfight is girthing show presenting an uneven fight between a hostile man and a bull normally peaceful. In the bullfight of thebull are killed in hideous circumstance. You think maybe a bull doesn’t feel the pain as us feel it? But yes, it suffers, he dies on small fire and all this under the eyes of the spectators! (Montrerdiapo enfants). It is accessible has quite ages, the same youngest can attend in these "session of torture" it is inadmissible. But, the bullfight is a tradition Spanish. Thus very hard has toabolish. It would be necessary to limit it at least to the child under age 16. And afterward forbid it totally.
We are going to spend you first of all a slide to show yourselves the horrors whichrepresents the bullfight.
Warning these photographs can shock sensitive souls. (diapo corrida).

What utility do you find in the Bullfight?
It’s just a game played beforehand!
■ Then comes the hour ofthe fight, in Spanish "Lydia". 6 bulls are going to fight in turn. This protocol is decomposed into three parts, called tercios.
■ Peones shake their capes to provoke the bull from. Then theymake the animal run enough to make it breathless, disorientated and tired.
It happens that bulls enter the arena already completely weakened.

(après photo 1.) In every charge of thebull, the pike sinks a little more and destroys its flesh, it can go to 14 cms deep. It is called "to work the bull ".

(diapo 6). The pike must be precisely planted to cut muscles.
This tortureis also called the punishment. But why does it carry this name, what murder did bulls commit?!
■ (diapo 9) The banderillas are decorated with multicolored flowers, diverting the attention of...
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