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Yesterday, Mr. White, the famous senator, has been declared innocentby the federal court of Colombia. Known as a member of the tea party, he was accused to kill Mr. Booba, a black man.

We are the 10th of March 2011, the Court is waiting Mr. White, one of the mostfamous senator in US known for his shocking declarations about black people. In the Court, we can see some important personalities like Tea Party members came to support the senator and nationaljournalists came to cover the event. All of them hope that the trial will bring new developments. It is two o’clock when we catch sight of a policeman with the senator. As always, Mr. White is very smart,he probably wears an Armani three-piece suit. Now, it is the judge’s turn to enter, she is a woman which wears sun glasses and seems bored by one of the most media trial.
The Case
Three months ago,Mr. Booba has been found dead in Mr. White’s house at 5 pm. When the crime took place, Mr. White said he was not at home but when the police arrived he was washing his floor because he did not want theblood to stain it. According to the policeman, Mr. White was totally indifferent of the man’s death. Moreover, police found his borrows on the murder weapon. Owing to the pharmacist of his street,Mrs. White was buying medicaments during the crime. Jack Daniels, a homeless, who was sleeping in the same street, claimed that he heard a woman scream about 5 pm.
After long deliberations, Mrs.Attorney declares that “Mr. White was not as white as his name.” After Mrs White confesses Mr Booba was her sex friend, prosecutor Macdoom askes the Court to condemn the senator for passion crime. Moreover,Mr. White was washing the murder scene and the murder weapon and according to Mr. Cetamol, the pharmacist, Mrs White seems very natural and relaxed when she bought these medicaments, which not...
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