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Ideas of subjects :

1/ The future or influence of video games. Could video games be positive? Should it be control ?

2/ Online betting .

3/ The promess of the millennium. Tax Financialtransactions. Is it necessary? Taxation in general, are we tax to much ?

4/ Entrepreneurship, should it be encourage? link with question 22

5/ The reform of retirement. What are the impacts, theother solutions.

6/ Why are women still prejudice against at work ? Is it still difficult to get a good job today.

7/ Low cost travel, what is the situation, how are the major Airlines doingto fight the low prices.

8/ Discount shopping. What are the situation and danger ? What are the work conditions. Who are the companies ( independent, big chains etc )

9/ Football, the playerimpact on cultures, recruiting players from poor countries. Problem of ethic, is it a modern form of slavery.
How can we improve the referring during the cups ?

10/ Logistics and economy : Roadtransports. The road are becoming saturated, delays, traffic jams … What are the alternatives ? What is the situation ?

11/ France telecom experience , Human resources problem.

12/ What are thetrends in the work place ? How can we make things better, improve communication, improve human relations. What can we do reasonably to improve company atmosphere.

13/ Lobbies , are they powerfulin France ? Describe the influence they have. (scientologist for example)

14/ Boeing and Airbus, who is winning, what are they strategies ?

15/ The importance of networking today. Socialmedias. How does it help.

16/ The Euro : is it a success ? How did the euro changed things ? Example of Portugal, Greece, is the euro strong enough ?

17/ Logistics problem : car sharing, shouldwe encourage people to do so, what about controlling cities center, problems of pollution. Is Lyon a bike city ?

18/ Internet : The rumour machine from the internet, Do we take the information...
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