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2/ Find pictures showing its landscapes :

Sidney, New South Wales

Kings-canyon, Northern Territory

Ayers Rock, Northern Territory

Great Barrier Reef, Queensland
(heart)Outback australien, Western

Canberra, New South Wales

Beach, South australia

3/ Fill in the following id-chart to gather the basic information about it

Name of the country :Australia

Population : 22 300 000 people in 2010

Area : 7 617 930 km²

Official language : English

Political Regime : Federal parliamentary democracy and constitutional monarchy

Politicalleader in 2010 : Monarch : Elizabeth II ; Governor-General : Quentin Bryce ; Prime Minister : Kevin Rudd

Economic status : GDP (Gross Domestic Product) = $800 billion ; HDI (Human Development Index)= 0.970 (very hight) ; the currency is the Australian dollar

Social/Racial/Classes if relevant : No social or racial classes

Religious System : No state religion but 68% are Christian, 1.9%are Buddhist, 1.5% Moslems and 28.6% are atheists

National Sport : The Cricket

Climate : In the middle of Australia : equatorial ; in the east and west corners : subtropical ; in the south part :temperate ; in the north part : tropical

National Animal or Emblem : The Acacia pycnantha and the kangouroo

4/ Sum up the basic common history between the country you chose and Great BritainAustralia was inhabited by groups of indigenous since 50 000 years. It was discovered in the XVII century by europeans browsers. The island began to be coveted in 1770 by Great Britain.
Thencolonies were founded and the 1st January 1901, they federated and formed the Australian Commonwealth. After Australia got independant, the country became a federal parliamentary democracy but kept themonarchy of the Commonwealth and had the same monarch of Great Britain like the others members of the Nations of Commonwealth.

5/ Explain why you choose that country, use the tool box

I choose that...
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