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Gardening is the world's most popular hobby. A hobby that not only provides spiritual renewal, stress relief and insight into the cycle of life, but one that gives back beneficial and sustainable by-products, namely, food, herbs, flowers, and even medicines

Majority ofpeople affirm loving gardening. If they live in a detached house with garden, they can even practice it quite easily.But more and more people live in big cities. By the year 2050, nearly 80% of the earth's population will reside in urban centers.The issue for these urban people will be to conciliate their love for gardening and the lack of place.

In the same time, health specialists recommandto eat at least 5 fruits or vegetables to ward off diseases,especially fresh fruits and vegetables.

Ecological concerns are growing and energy is consumed for transportation or the chemicals and refrigeration used to preserve fresh products .

The solution for these paradoxes is our product “The Babylon garden”

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Dictionnaire - Afficher le dictionnaireMission and vision

Our vision is to be in 2015 the leader for the out soil gardening in Germany.
Our mission is to build affordable, and attractive systems for urban customers with a high level of service. In line with the increasing demand for seasonal and organic foods, Babylon gardens set out to demonstrate that living a urban lifestyle, does not mean have to compromise onhealthy and fresh food .We think one of the best ways to grow plants in small spaces and on rooftops is through our garden, which is simply growing without care.
Our goal is to provide people with gardening systems that are affordable and easy to maintain; enabling them to grow the vegetables, fruits and flowers they love.

The product

Babylon gardens, by theirs multilevel principle,increase the area of culture and make the work less painful. They facilitate the control and enhancement of land for a crop deeply biological. With their design stages, it limits attacks to plants, facilitate its implementation in the greenhouse and allow the installation of a net flying against insects attacks.
[pic] [pic] [pic]
Modular configuration allows them to adapt to all types oflocation ( roof balcony) and manage irrigation and save water. The energy required for their operation is provided by photovoltaic solar panels, providing another environmental benefit .
For the watering, the rain water is collected from the roof , and stored into tanks placed in the these basements, control centers allow an automatic watering .
For the first time, the garden, the energy that makesit work and water are combined in one place.
With a permanent crop cycle, the surplus produced by the gardener, and seasonal local produce can become preserved in a standalone module shipped with the structure. The siting of towers does not overturn the gardening habits or customs, it does not require a specific culture.
For every need (culture, preculture, nursery, experimentation, etc..)Babylon garden is autonomous in its functioning and may also allow provide power beyond its own needs.
[pic][pic] [pic]
The outcome of this innovation was made with the support of EBN - European Innovation Centers Network.
Babylon gardens have been patented and have won numerous awards at international level. In January 2010, Towers won the first prize-EBN UNDP IDEASS Innovation Developmenthunies-oriented Technologies for Sustainable Development Environment.
Babylon gardens have an extremely small carbon footprint. It can be installed in spaces large and small, indoors and outdoors. And last but not least, it's a really fun way to grow plants.

[pic] [pic] [pic]

The competitors

5 Community gardens

Community gardens provide fresh produce and plants as well as...
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