Best of friends 2003

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a They are in the United States: “Chicago” (l. 2), “the New York Yankees”
(l. 20), “staying in the States” (l. 66-67), “forty dollars” (l. 57). m N’oubliez pas le déterminant the devant United States.

z Greg Kennedy, Erin’s husband works for a telecoms company.
Erin Kennedy, a human resources manager, is Greg’s wife. Mrs Kennedy is Greg’s mother, and Erin’s mother-in-law. Steve Richardson is Greg’s future second-in-command. Erin’s grandmother is also mentioned. m Bien que le nom de la grand-mère d’Erin ne soit pas mentionné dans le texte, elle était attendue parmi les réponses à cette question. m Pensez à utiliser le génitif (’s) pour décrire les relations entre les personnages.

e 1. Greg’s parents/Mr and Mrs Kennedy.
2. Erin’s family. 3. The Irish division of a multinational telecoms company. 4. Greg and Erin accepting the job. 5. Greg. m Il est clair que c’est Erin qui parle (“she said”, l. 71). Son locuteur est donc forcément Greg.

r Erin was born in Ireland (probably in Dublin). She has lived away from
Ireland for nine years, and, at 27, she is now living in the United States. She is married with Greg Kennedy, and she works as a human resources manager.

t 1. “a solid block of pain.” (l. 6)
“so strangely adrift in the world.” (l. 8) “the longing for home had become intense.” (l. 26-27)

2. “she’d been so hurt by them.” (l. 22-23) to get away from her family.” (l. 4-5) 3. “those first few phone calls.” (l. 23-24) “she’d written several letters.” (l. 27) 4. “Erin hadn’t been home to Dublin” (l. 1). “And you’ve been talking about going home since I met you.” (l. 72-73) “they’d lived in Ireland.” (l. 46-47) “back to Ireland.” (l. 50) Besides, “Kennedy” is an Irish name. m Il peut être utile de vous intéresser à la typologie des noms de famille : Mac… en Écosse, O ’… en Irlande. Avoir des informations biographiques sur le président Kennedy, descendant d’immigrés irlandais, pouvait aider ici.


y Erin’s

en relation

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