Bigraphie molière

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Mehdi = vertLoic = bleu (Raphael) Renève = rougeadam = noir (Rodrigo)

They have been caught in San Diego.

Stop talking, shut up, listen to me and give me your papers !
Don't worry! He' nervous, because he's fed up of this kind of story!
(calme les nerfs de mehdi + prends les papiers)

My name is Raphael, and he is Rodrigo (montre du doigt). We are two good friends who were living in Caborca. We were living in the misery, and we are fed up of this bad life. This is a reason why we tried to fullfil our dream : go to L.A.
Okay, okay, this is always the same story. You all want to flee to America. And when did you make up one’s mind to sneak illegally into the USA ?
You can't imagine how we are living in Mexico : the life is really hard in Caborca, indeed we are very poor so we live in the misery, and we have to manage .

I don't care about your life! I just want to know when you came into San Diego !

Why are you so angry ? Don't worry.

We are hiding near the frontier about ten days ago.

How did you come ?

We illegally entered in America by hiding in a truck.

In a truck...

And how many illegal stowaway are you ?

We are just two migrants! Anyone other participate to the escape with us. Do you know anyone in your family, or relatives who live in L.A or anywhere in America? Or you just want to risk your life ?

Yes but it's not important to talk about it. We are alone in this escape, we only count on ourselves because our relatives who live in USA don’t matter about us… We are nothing for them.

Stop lieing ! Why don't you cry them?

Because they want to convince us, that they are innocents! Open your eyes!

Stop breaking down their dream, you don't see that they are unfortunate! Ask them about what they are undorgoing...

Yes, We ate nothing during two days, and very few the last days. Moreover, my friend Rodrigo is wounded, that's why we are having hard times.

Honestly, what are you expecting to do here ?


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