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I think that

Only specialists, with all data into their mind, could make this difficult choice. The choice to realize a gene test on theembryo and also the choice to terminate a pregnancy because of a genetic disease, must be in the hands of a specialist in this area: the doctor.He, and only he, can make that choice to fullfil finally the clearing of the human genome.

Scientists are thinking that they're gods... good forthem, they're right! The concept of god was created to explain the inexplicable. « Ho the lightning just hit him right on his head, that'sbecause of the anger of gods » was the general idea when hummans created god. Now that science can explain why the lighting struck in that strangeplace called « head » we can easily say that science substitute for god, and because man always need to belive in something, science had become agod.

Unlike my limited minded friend, i think that generalize those test will be very difficult in the actually state of thing. We must evolvenot only in a biological way, but also in a social way. Human kind must stop losing all that precious time, we must federate all the people into aplanetary federation and then really start to accelerate the human evolution by a drastic selection of genes. We must broke our chains, we mustliberate ourself from our narrow view on ethic, and finally search what is our biological future, for the greater good of all human kind.
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