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Hitler = 50years old ,
Job : Stateman Of German = totaltarise nazi
Descritpion : Small , with a SS costume , very bad and crazy to exterminate jew , with dark hair , brown eyes and black moustache.
Notes : Like kill massive jew
Pamela = 28years old
Job : Secret agent for USA who’s work in Hitler office : She arrive infiltrate ennemy gouvernment thanks her beautiful ( she’ tall ,with big tits , blond hair and blue eyes) She likes Drink Vodka.

The scene takes place in Russia , in Stalingrad. Hitler invade the city with the Wermacht and SS to detroy communist mouvement .
However , it’s stay little part of resistant to try kill hitler who are managed by James Bond and his best friend Paul Pierce.
They find Hitler in a conferance with all chief of the Wermacht and forBond it’s a real opportunity to Kill all the gouvernement and Stop the war.

Bond : «  Ok Pierce , ordinary , Nazis arrived in 1hour … you have 30minutes to posed your bomb ! »

Pierce «  Well , i think i gona arrived but i don’t know where posed my bomb … »
Bond : « Under the center table »
Pierce «  Ok it’s done »
Bond «  Well let’s go back now please »
Pierce «  Hooo my GOD !! » theyarrived with all SS and Hitler guards … Shit ! they see me … »
Bond «  Run !! come back to the plank i protect you with my sniper ! »
Pierce «  Noo if i come back , they could find you and kill us ! »
Bond «  … Come back and Shut up !! »
Pierce «  they arrived ! Ok , i have an idea : i go back in the office and when they open the office door , i explosed my bomb ! I don’t want to you hearthat … Radio communication is Finish , see you !
Bond «  No ! Don’t do it ! Pierce ! Pierccee ! Pierrrcceeeeee !!! --‘ »
Bond run to the Hitler office to help Pierce but when he arrived , all was explosed with the casi-totality SS die . Bond find Pierce dead to !
Bond was very sad ! And have a desire for revenge so strong to he go back see resistants and want recrut everything will wantto kill Hitler ... But just one woman want help him ... Pamela ...

After spying Htiler for more than an ego, they learned that Hitler had intended to return to Germany by train ... Bond will benefit to kill Hitler !

Bond : «  Pamela , tomorrow it’s the day ! we have to prepare our weapons and our strategie . I recap :
When we see Hitler enter in train , normally , we were yet sit in thefirst wagon in first Class.That’s why , you could see Hitler in his presidentially suite … then when you are not far , you call to i give you C4 out the window …
When you have take it you gonna posed it in under the door of Hitler suite and you leave train … Me i Came to the room at the end of the travel and normally i kill every body whith my Tompson … If something was not in the «  plan » orif Hitler try to go out and i can’t kill him , I call you and you exlosed all the train … Ok ? »

Pamela « Yeah it’s Ok ! But just one thing … Be careful … »

Bond «  Yeah i know don’t worried i never leave you … » And Bond kiss Pamela …
The night was short along Pamela : they make love all the night to have none regrets .

Next day , plan was whole plan was made until such time as prévutBond finds himself just outside the bedroom door Hilter... When he enter , have nobody ... He understand that he is falling into a trap he gona want run but when he come back , he took a shot poight and was KO
When he wake up ,, he found himself in an empty room with many lights, tied by the hands and feet on a chair. Htiler had managed to capture him and wanted to torture him for informationabout the resistance in Russia that bothers Hitler in his invasion. Pamela was responsible for dealing with torture...
Bond : “ You ! how does you can betray you country to join the camp of enemies whose political, and totalitarianism extremination ?”
Pamela “ I hate jew ! and ...I think we should put up a new world based on oppression and discipline to enable the human species to evolve ... Now...
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