Bonnie and clyde

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I The hollywodian studio and the hollywodian music:

1-The studio plan: A lot of scenes in the car. The camera is shooting from the windshield of the car.
In the background behind the car backwindows we can the landscape which is raveling.
It doesn’t seem realistic but we are okay with that because it’s a typical way of shooting in the American cinema.

2- Panoramic plan : It shows theimportance of the context. In fact it focuses more the narration than on the psychology of the characters.
Ex : In the chasing scenes, we always see the landscape with the car driving away.3-Music: There is almost no music, except after a Hold-up. The Hillbilly banjo music only plays during the chase scenes because without it we would interpret the chase as a tense and dangerous situation.But that’s not what it is for Bonnie and Clyde who enjoy it.
The director is playing with the music during 2 scenes:
1st- They are resting in a house, we can listen to a music while thinking it’spart of the movie, but Clyde turns it off and we understand that the music is not part of the shooting but part of the action.
2nd- In the scene of the cinema, they are watching a cabaret movie. Inthe film there is a music. It’s a mise en abyme of the music of the Bonnie and Clyde movie with the help of the cabaret movie.
3rd- The western music ought to be associated with the country scenes butit’s associated to the urnban scenes.

II_ The codes of the new wave:
We can make a link with the new wave movement, noticing a homage made by Arthur penn to the fernch actor Jean paul Belmondo inthe movie A bout de souffle, in the scene when Clyde is wearing glasses with one lens missing. That’s why we were interested in this movement.
1- The film focuses on the characters’ pshychologywith the help of closes-up conversely to hollowodian typical movies which emphasize action.
For exemple in the beginning of the film, Bonnie sensulaty is translated with a close-up on her lips.
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