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The Marketing Manager,

Date:29th June 2010

Ref: Sponsorship of AFTER BEACH PARTY
Regarding the above mentioned topic, I, Sharon Naidoo member and President of theGolden Youth Club, am coming to you. The Golden Youth Club, created in 2008 at Tranquebar is a group which gathered our youths, especially in the region of Tranquebar. We are organising a party which willbe held on Saturday 31st July 2010 with venue at Villa……..situated at Les Flamants Avenue, Pereybere, with theme AFTER BEACH PARTY.
The AFTER BEACH PARTY has the objective to sensitize our youthsabout prevention against SIDA, that’s why PILS is one of our main sponsors. It is a sincere and real pleasure to disclose that part of our collect will be donated to children of a convent situated atQuatre-Bornes.

* Schedule: 22hr – 06hr
* Muai Thai Show
* Bikini Fashion Show
* Eight girls
* Four boys
* Crazy happy hours
*Free condoms
* Special guests (Tony Farla and much more….)
* Sketches

For your own perusal, kindly find out a list regarding other sponsors being contacted:
* Billabong
* Bluesteel* Island Haze
* Son of Beach
* Jumbo
* Endjoy
We would be grateful if the sponsorship, especially those involved in fashion, is mainly focused on the Bikini Fashion Show. Obviouslyperformers will be entertained by our DJs, mainly DJ Michou (Michel Victorine) and DJ David (David Grumaud) who will also be accompanied by other DJs. Kindly note that the security for the night willbe ensured by James Rock and his team. Moreover, our photographer, Fareeza Cassim will be present on this special night and the master of ceremony will be I, my Vice President, Ryyan Atchia who will behonored by the presence of other members of the Golden Youth Club, our guests and youngsters of the public. One more thing to be disclosed is that our publicity campaign has already started by mean...
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