Branches of law

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Family law
The branch of law relating to family matters and domestic relations. It deals whit areas such as marriage and divorce, child custody, child/spousal abuse, adoption and alimony.

Sentencing and de the penal system
The study of prosecution (punishment) of offenders (individuals who have committed illegal acts against other individuals or the state).

Law of tort
The area of law which deals with civil wrongs which are independant of contrat, such as neglicence, defective products and libel. It deals with liability and the damages that are paid to the person or people who have suffered as a result.

Criminal law
Also known as penal law, this branch is distinguished from civil law. It relates to illegal acts committed against indivudals and the state.

Comparative law
The study of the differences and similarities between different legal systems.

Civil law
This branch of law is distinguished from criminal law. It refers to area of law that deals with relations between private individuals (for example wills, contractual disputes and torts such as neglicence and libel).

International law
This term is actually short for public international law (distinguished from private international law). It’s the body of law that regulates international activities of states, international organizations and multinational corporations. This branch of law covers areas such as territory, treaties and human rights.

Labour law
The area of law which relating to the employement of workers. It encompasses issues such as conditions of contract work, trade union, discrimination, redundancy, wrongful dismissal. This branch is sometimes called industrial law.

Conflicts of laws
Also calle private international law. This is the branch of law that covers private international dispute in which it is often unclear who has jurisdiction, where a trial should be hel and whose should be applied in order to reach a judgement.

European union law
The study of

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