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Devoir 3
Document étudié : The hand that rocks the cradle
The Economist, March 4 , 2006

1. Warm Up exercises
1) Describe and comment on the document above the article.

Suggestion de réponse :
The document is a drawing that must be an advertisement for a British women's trade union. In the foregroundwe can see a strong-looking woman wearing a gown. In her right hand she is holding a banner with the inscription: "Women Workers Fellowship for life", meaning solidarity between female workers forever. Her left hand is resting on a badge with the inscription: ”National Federation of Women Workers” which must be the name of the union. In the center, we can see its motto: "to fight to struggle toright the wrong," which alludes to discrimination between men and women in the workplace, and the necessity for the latter to fight to obtain equal salary and rights. In the background we can see factory chimneys and smoke, which indicates that the union was founded mainly th for factory workers, perhaps at the beginning of the 20 century. Thanks to the struggle of such trade unions and thesuffragettes, working conditions have improved. Nevertheless, there is still room for progress, and this document is a good introduction to the article about the gender gap in the workplace.



2) Describe and comment on the chart at the end of the article.

Suggestion de réponse :
Above the chart published by the Department for Work and Pensions we see the heading "birthingpains" which refers to the negative impact of childbirth and raising a family on a woman's career. Beneath the chart we can see numbers ranging from minus 5 to 29, which correspond to a woman's career before and after childbirth. On the right, the numbers 60 - 95 correspond to the average hourly female wage as a percentage of the average male wage of all workers. The chart shows that before havingchildren, the female salary is 95% of male salary. We immediately see that this is the highest salary of their career. Then, the year before childbirth, their salary drops to 80%. A year later, it increases to 87%, which corresponds to their salary when they first go back to work. However, afterwards, apart from a few plateaus, their salary decreases rapidly. It evens out at 75% 5-6 years afterresuming th their career, and drops again in the seventh year, and levels out again till the 9 year. Then, there is another abrupt th th fall between the 9 and 11 year. After that, it remains under 65% of male salary with little variation till about twenty three years after childbirth, when it rises steadily to 75%, its final peak, at 29 years. This rise occurs when the children leave home, although itdrops a bit again shortly afterwards. So, the chart indicates that female salary is much higher before childbirth and goes steadily downhill over time with an all time low about 22 years after childbirth. It rises when the children leave home but never equals men's pay. Several factors may contribute to the steady decline in salary. First of all, fewer women rise to get the well-paid jobs inpositions of senior management. On the other hand, women may not invest themselves as much in their careers as in their families. In order to get promotions one must do overtime, travel, and be extremely involved in their work. While this may be a priority for many men, for many females it is not.

3) Briefly explain the title "the hand that rocks the cradle".

Suggestion de réponse :
Babies usedto sleep in beds that mothers could swing back and forth to help them fall asleep, so the title refers to mothers. Above the title we can see written "women's pay", and below it: "why women are still earning less than men", so before reading the article we know that it is about the inferiority of working mothers' salaries.

2. Comprehension (10 points)
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