Business practices

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|Course |Year of study |ECTS credits |
|International Business Operations |2 |6 |
|International Marketing Communications |2 |6 |
|TradePolicy in CEC |2 |6 |
|Management Accounting |2 |6 |
|Extra courses – usually block courses, taught |2 |6 |
|by visiting professors| | |


Course annotation:
Methods and forms of business operations in international relations, factors influencing these operations. Operations with goods and services. Logistic, payment, documentation and accounts. Operations inside and outside the European Union.Goal:

Better understanding of practical realization of business operations in the EU trade and their content including analysis of several differences in trading with third countries. Overview of processes used by securing and safeguarding operations. Legislative framework for operations. Concrete examples from business practice. .

Lectures and seminars:
- Commercial methods, definitions,types, factors of selection, commercial inter-links, sales and purchase relations, contracts on exclusive purchase, commercial representation, commission merchant contract, piggybacking, direct export;
- Course of international business operations, commercial contract, substance, conclusion and forms of commercial contract, contents of commercial contract;
- Documents in international tradeand transfer of data;
- Delivery terms, notion of delivery terms and their functions, Incoterms 2000, relation of delivery term to other elements of commercial contract;
- Payment terms, function of payment term, selection of payment term, forms of payment;
- Bill of exchange and cheque in international trade, promissory note, bill of exchange, formal and contents elements of bill ofexchange, remittance of bill of exchange, bill of exchange with liability, formal and contents elements of cheques, types of cheques;
- Documentary forms of payment, documentary letter of credit, notion, types, possibilities of usage. Documentary collection - documents against payment and documents against acceptance of the bill of exchange, notion, types possibilities of usage;
- Delivery onopen account, delivery credits;
- Possibilities of limitation of non payment risks, deferred payment letter of credit, bill of exchange, bank guarantees, insurance of credits, ownership reservation;
- Price in international trade, criteria for price selection, price in international commercial contracts, price calculation, price and the level risk of transaction;
- Customs fees andcustoms procedures, function and significance of customs procedures, documents used in customs procedures;
- Logistics in international trade, shipping operations, contractual arrangements in shipping operations, forwarder’s contract, shipping contract, documents used in international transport of goods, specification of types of transport, rationalization of transporting systems, warehousing andchecking operations, contractual arrangements, consignment stocks, contract on checking, checking companies and importance of checking certificates;
- Insurance and double insurance in international trade, insurance of foreign transport, English system of shipping insurance, insurance of international credits and documentary collection damage liability insurance, insurance of fairs and...
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