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1. What makes of Cambridge a very particular kind of destination which is worth the visit?
Cambridge is situated in the East of England, at only 20 minutes away of London.
Cambridge is a city with many faces; one can admire the beautiful museums and art galleries, the beautiful architecture and majestic college buildings.
The most famous building in Cambridge is King’s College Chapel where you can see a fan vaulted ceiling, stone carving and stained glass, but you can also attend a chapel service.
It is also famous for its choral services, in particular the Christmas Eve service, a festival of nine lessons and carols, which you are welcome to attend.
In Cambridge you can also find one of only four round churches in Britain, The Church of the Holy Sepulchre, which is used for exhibitions in our days.
Cambridge Market is the place where six days a week you can buy food, clothes and souvenirs in the summer, or you can attend on Sunday the Farmer’s Market.
The Fitzwilliam Museum has a large collection of art and antiquities, Cambridge Folk Museum is a memorial of everyday life of the Cambridge people since 1700, The Botanic Gardens reveals you landscaped gardens and glasshouses on a 40 acres area, Kettles Yard is an art gallery with a permanent collection of modern art.
Along the River Cam, behind the colleges, are the Backs (areas behind the colleges that could be visited only by paying a fee).
The best way to see the Backs is from a punt, a flat bottomed boat which is poled along. You can hire a punt with or without a chauffeur. If you have opted for a chauffeured tour you can choose among the 40 minutes tour, the 60 minutes tour or Champagne tour an unique way to enjoy the Backs while drinking a glass of champagne. If you are not interested in this interesting way to visit Cambridge, you must know that you can also take a bicycle Cambridge tour. For a good view of the city one must visit The Castle Mound, the highest point of Cambridge.

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