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II) The campaign

This campaign is what we call a « buzz », it is viral marketing. This term designates the transmission of a video or a song on the web by the means of socialnetworks such as Facebook for example. The video is posted on You tube or DailyMotion, and its originality leads to its success on the social networks.
The idea of this Tipp Ex campaign is to allow theInternet user to change the scenario of the Web video campaign, by changing the title of the video directly on You Tube. The agency filmed 42 scenes around two subjects: a hunter and a bear in theforest. This creative idea highlights the Tipp-Ex signature, which is “White and rewrite”.
The video: a hunter is camping in the forest, and a friend is filming him. Suddenly, a bear appears in thebackground. The hunter hesitates to shoot it, while his friend with the camera incites him. The hunter then decides not to shoot the bear, and corrects with a Tipp Ex the word “shoot”. The Internet hasto choose a verb, write on the title of the video what he wants the hunter to do. For example, if we want the hunter to hug the bear, we simply have to write “hug”, and a video of the hunter huggingthe bear is shown.
This campaign was orchestrated by Buzzman Agency, directed by Thomas Granger.

The main target of this ad is schoolboys and schoolgirls, children who are returningto class in September 2010. The second target is people from the school environment.

The only media used is the Internet, but this is a very effective and strategic mean regarding thetarget. Indeed, many of the schoolboys and girls spend a lot of time on the Internet, and they are then very likely to pass this information.

It was launched on YouTube UK on the 2nd ofSeptember. This date is strategic because it corresponds to the time when children and other school people.

The objective of the commercial is to place the Tipp-ex roll as a funny...
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