Cap verde

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Cap Verde is located by the Senegal coast of the Atlantic ocean. Cap Verde is actually a republic composed of multiple islands. These islands were colonized by the Portuguese back in 15thCentury and they gained independence in 1975. This article treats about the poor communities of Cape Verde. These communities live in poor condition and they need help.The United Nations International Fund for Agricultural Development's (IFAD) has given 4,2 millions more to this country to help them to eradicate poorness. This money will be used to help outthe Cape Verde's Rural Poverty Alleviation Program, this program will be used to try different methods on how to help poor country of the regions. There are over 60,000 people to help in thecountry the program will build better schools, improve productivity in agriculture, fisheries and livestock. Poverty ' Money issue of a population. Fast-growing ' Cape Verde economy’sgoes well and keep getting better fast. Livestock ' Wholes of the animal used on the farm. Chicken, cows, horses etc. Agreement ' Signed decision that 2 person/communityapprove. Loan ' Money given that has to be paid back someday. Seeks ' “also wants to to increase productivity in agriculture” Community-driven ' The program decisions are tobe taken by the community. Lending - Money given that has to be paid back someday. 10.Incomes ' Amount of money gained by a person/group of person. More funds for CapeVerde's rural poor afrol News, 27 June - Cape Verde Island's poverty eradication drive has been boost by the United Nations International Fund for Agricultural Development's (IFAD) pumping of US$4.2 million to the West African country's rural poor communities, bringing the agency's total supplementary loan funding for the programme to US $13.5 million.
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