Champignon de paris

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Mushroom Pest and Disease Control: A Colour Handbook, 1st Edition
Description: The production of mushrooms(Agaricus bisporus) is a major, world-wide, highly mechanised process. Healthy crops are essential if yields, quality and profitability are to be maintained. Pests and diseases are a major cause of croplosses and this book covers their recognition, biology and control. New pests and diseases are described together with changes in the management of pest and pathogen populations. The book is fullyup-to-date on the important cultural changes that have occurred in recent years. New methods of crop production, the bulk handling of materials, changes in casing type, the more effective use ofenvironmental controls, biological methods of control, the avoidance of environmental pollution, and the reduced use of pesticides, are all covered. Many of the cultural changes described influence theincidence of pests and diseases. The book is essentially for growers and those closely connected with the culture of the crop wherever it is grown. For those wishing to put the information into practice thebook contains check lists for pest and disease control and also essential hygiene operations. Mushroom Pest and Disease Control - A Colour Handbook is well illustrated, easy to use, and will increasethe readers understanding of pests and diseases of the crop. It will contribute towards the production of good yields and high quality, thereby increasing profitability. Key features: - Coverageincludes pests, diseases weed moulds and abiotic disorders - recognition, biology and control - Relevance worldwide as major industrialised product - Includes essential hygiene operations - Highest qualitycolour photos


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Mushroom growing Disorders - Symptoms, Causes, and Identification Effective Pest and Disease Control Fungal diseases Bacterial diseases...
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