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Description de l’image:

On this picture we can see a woman in the bottom right corner. She is sitting on a chair. This wowan is a senior, she has got wrinkles. She is wearing a lot of jewelry.We see she overturns her cup of tea and she looks scared. In the lower left corner we see an old radio on a table, we can guess she has heard something frightening on the wireless. To her right,there is a pink teapot. In the background, there is a fireplace with a blue clock on top of it. At her right there is a green statue shaped as a soldier. Behind the chair, there is a painting. It shows aportrait maybe her husband ? Finally, in the middle we see a frame with a photo and a vase. With all these elements we guess that the action takes place in an old house, in the evening with anelderly person. So it is probably a scary story.


1) The first time Mrs Harter heard Patrick’s voice, she She thought she was asleep so she dreaming or had a hallucination. Because it’simpossible that her dead husband talk to her on the radio.

Text Justification:

«  She must just have dropped off to sleep for a minute or two. » Line 19-20
«  A curious thing to have dreamedthat her dead husband’s voice should speak to her over the ether. » Line 21-22

2) This story is frightening because the old lady alone in her house to hear her husband's death on the radio. Iimagine the deep voice of her husband, who cut his concert saying that he will soon come for her ( Text justification : I am coming for you. Line 13 ) . It like a scary story.

3) I think it was hiswidow who tries to scare him. He recorded this tape for impersonating a madwoman who has lost her mind. Because it is impossible to hear a deceased on the wireless.

Redaction :

Suddenly,she threw a glance over her seat to see if the man was still there. The seat was empty, it heard like a heavy breathing beside her. Then, she realized that the man standing in front of her was the...
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